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Love One Another

By June 6, 2019 No Comments

Last Sunday’s message about “Perseverance” and of refusing to give up when life gets hard, got me thinking back to the days of when my home was full of life. The Lord had blessed me with a beautiful wife and from that relationship came our six children of five boys and a girl. We also had neighbor kids here a lot too. We worked and played together in our little house which only had one bathroom. The timing had to be just right to get things done in an orderly way. Often times one of the boys might be in the shower while another was brushing his teeth and another on the toilet. We had everything down to a science. The kids were always ready and one time when the school bus came. We were a close family whether we wanted to be or not and we never had a dull moment. 

But the years go by so quickly. Upon maturity our children started leaving home. Either to the military or a trade school. Suddenly it was just Carole and I left. The house and the phone became more quiet. We danced and traveled many places together for many years. Then just before our fifty-seven years together, the Lord took her home. 

It was hard to cope with the loneliness which now had become a part of me. I felt so alone, like an orphan that needed love and hoping that someone would reach out to me and adopt me as their friend. God answered by prayer and now am blessed with many friends. I am so glad that I never gave up in reaching out for help. Now, because I did, it is now my desire to reach out and adopt that one who is lonely and needs a friend. When I do I not only see new life coming alive in that one, but I also feel new life, hope and a purpose in my journey to the finish line. 

I challenge you today to look around to one who is lonely and needs a friend. It might even be that one sitting next to you today. Adopt that one in your heart and see a life change before you and also within you. 

So I thank you all for comforting and adapting and taking me under your wings like a mother hen will do for her chicks. God Bless you all.

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